3 March 2021

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Top 3 Nikon DSLR for Beginners

A deep dive into the three main cameras by Nikon that any Beginner Photographer should consider based on their commitment to photography.

If you are just getting started at photography you are probably scratching your head about all the different DSLRs on the market.
I get it, the choice is hard to make, especially with all the different information you get on all the different cameras out there.

Here you will find only the information you need about the Top 3 Camera by Nikon, I think You should consider getting started with photography, based also on the type of commitment you have towards photography.

1- Nikon D3500 (Absolute Beginner)

If You are just getting into photography and have mixed feelings about it. Thinking that you don’t want necessarily to commit too much money into this new passion, don’t worry there is a Nikon Camera even for you, the Nikon D3500.
This does not mean it will take bad pictures. In fact, you will be able to take astonishing pictures with this camera, it just means that it lacks some features related to speed and quality in extreme conditions reserved to the higher-end cameras.

Without considering the price, that is kept low by Nikon in consideration of beginner photographers like you.
Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features that make this the right camera for you.

Effective Megapixels

The Nikon D3500 has 24.4 Megapixels (24.4 million Pixels), more than enough to get solid and astonishing pictures when you are just starting out.
More on, it does not have an “OLPF” Filter.
[The OLPF, is Low Pass Filter and the absence of this filter means that you should be able to get sharper images]

Focus & Auto-Focus

The camera has 11 Focusing points with 3D-Tracking usually found only on high end cameras.
Keep in mind that only the central focus point is a cross focus point, and it will be the most accurate, but having 10 additional focus points will help you when shooting action and trying to freeze time.

Media Storage

This Nikon has one memory card slot, and it saves the images on an SD card.
When it comes to buy the memory card, don’t make the same mistake I did as a beginner photographer and invest in a good quality SD card, you don’t want it to fail on you when you are out somewhere and you can’t find a store to get a new one or worst loose all your images.

Movie Features

If you want to experiment with the movie mode, keep in mind that the Nikon D3500 can shoot Full-HD at 1080 up to 60 fps, but the auto focus will struggle a lot in keeping your subject in focus.


One of the most useful features that comes with this camera is the connectivity system, that allows you to transfer the images directly to your smartphone via SnapBridge or Bluetooth and share it on Instagram.

If I have sparked your interest towards the Nikon D3500, consider checking it out on Adorama, currently available for sale with a Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens for only 396.95$.

Check-out more detailed Specs about the Nikon D3500 on the Nikon Website Here.

2- Nikon D7500 (Transitional Beginner)

If you consider your self committed to photography, but you are still not ready to invest too much into it, the right choice for you is the Nikon D7500.
With this camera, you are getting really close to the prosumer level, you may even consider your self already one.
This camera is capable of getting you fully immersed in the photography world, and you get some of the features usually reserved high-end cameras.

Some really interesting features that make this camera stand out from the crowd are:
The touchscreen, giving you a better experience on the back of the camera; The fact that it is weather sealed (a feature that the cheaper cameras as the Nikon D3500 does not have);
The built-in tilting-screen giving you the opportunity to shoot from some really strange and otherwise uncomfortable positions;
The lightweight of the camera compared to its predecessor thanks to the components built out of carbon fiber.

Let us have a look at some other features about this camera.

Effective Megapixels & Sensor Format

The Nikon D7500 comes with 20.9 Megapixels (20.9 million pixels), slightly less then the cheaper option already shown above, but as I always try to explain the number of megapixels doesn’t really affect your images, especially if you are not shooting commercially and need to print your pictures on a billboard.
When it Comes to the Sensor Format, this camera has a DX sensor, it means that for each you put on it you need to multiply the focal length by 1.5 times.

Media Storage

For media storage, this Nikon Camera has a single memory slot, and it fits SD cards. Remember since you are spending a lot of money on the camera itself you don’t want the memory card to fail on you so consider always investing in high-end cards that you can rely on.

Movie Features

If you want to shoot some grate short movies with the Nikon D7500, you will be delighted to know it can shoot up to 4K Ultra-HD at 30 fps, or 1080 Full-HD at 60 fps.


The Nikon D7500 has both WiFi and Bluetooth built into it.
A really good feature, that allows you thanks to SnapBridge, to share your images directly with the smartphone and upload them to Instagram within seconds.

If I have sparked your interest towards the Nikon D7500, consider checking it out on Adorama, currently available for sale for 896.95$.

Check-out more detailed Specs about the Nikon D7500 on the Nikon Website Here.

3- Nikon D750 (Committed Beginner)

If you feel really committed to photography and want to invest in your future, without the need to upgrade your gears in the coming years I think that the Nikon D750 is the right solution for you.
This camera is a full-frame camera, that will take you into the professional world of photography and even if the learning curve can be steep, don’t worry your investment today will repay itself in the years coming.

Some of the features you will find on this camera that makes it worth the price are:
The FX sensor format, giving you a real base start for the way to professional photography, being able to even shoot for commercial purposes further down the road;
The fact that the camera is weather-sealed, letting you go out and shoot even in the worst conditions, snow, and rain won’t be able to stop your creativity;
The fact that the camera features a 2 SD memory card slots, leaving you room for a backup, or even shooting in movie mode and uploading it to the second memory card.

Now let us have a look at some other important features of this camera in our short Spec list.

Effective Megapixels & Sensor Format

The Nikon D750 comes with 24.3 Megapixels (24.3 million pixels), giving back to the photographer astonishing pictures that will repay the initial investment for this camera body.
The sensor is an FX Format, it means that it is a full-frame, but if you want you can choose in the camera settings to switch to the DX-format giving you some “extra zoom” that sometimes are needed.

Focus & Auto-Focus

This Nikon will surprise you with a really fast auto-focus, and it’s packed with a total of 51 AF points featuring the 3D-tracking system that allows you to smoothly track a moving subject and really freeze his motion.
It has also the new group area auto-focus, which enhances the continuous focus when shooting in continuous mode.

Movie Mode

If you are planning to shoot a lot in movie mode, this camera will disappoint you a bit, it has some problems in auto-focus mode while the camera is set to the movie mode so I recommend you shoot movies only with manual focus.
The resolution is more than enough, although it goes up only to a Full-HD 1080 at 60 fps.


As I told you before this camera is the only one on this list that features a double memory card slot, so you will be able to use two different memory cards at the same time. This feature is really important if you want to have the camera make a backup on the second card, so you won’t risk losing the images due to the failure of the main SD Card.


This Camera features only the WiFi connectivity, letting you use your phone to trigger the shutter remotely. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the built-in Bluetooth so you won’t be able to share your pictures on the go like the other cameras on this list.

Small drawbacks

A small drawback of this camera is the lack of the touch screen that would have mad this camera into a real beast for any type of photographer.

If you think that the right choice for your adventure in photography is the Nikon D750, consider checking it out on Adorama, currently available for sale for 1,496.95$ (with an instant rebate of 200.00$).

Check-out more detailed Specs about the Nikon D750 on the Nikon Website Here.

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